Now more than ever, people deserve a fair deal

Residents of the Farnham & Bordon constituency deserve an MP who acts in the interests of all in our community. Who will turn the page on overlooked concerns and missed opportunities. Who will work to make life better for you.

Khalil is here to be the change we’ve been waiting for—committed, listening, acting.

Now, more than ever, the people of Farnham & Bordon need a champion who will fight for their right to a fair deal.

This means fair access to healthcare, education, affordable housing, and a sustainable environment. It means providing the services that we all need, supporting our families, our elderly, and our youth with the policies and resources that reflect our shared values of decency and hard work.

Khalil's Priorities

NHS: Urgent care and recovery

The NHS is facing unprecedented challenges, exacerbated by Conservative policies that have led to a crisis within our health services. Local facilities are overwhelmed, struggling with the weight of demand on people, infrastructure, and resources. Only 24% of people were satisfied with the NHS in 2023 compared with 70% in 2010. England grapples with over 100,000 staff vacancies, resulting in extended waiting times, missed targets, and compromised patient care, pushing the safety and well-being of patients to the brink. Farnham & Bordon deserves an NHS that can meet its needs. Our vision is to revitalise this cherished institution, ensuring it receives the support and resources necessary to deliver exceptional care to every member of our community. We will do this by recruiting and training more doctors and nurses to fill the vacancies, and train, recruit and retain more GPs to give everyone the right to see their GP within seven days.

FINANCE: A blueprint for prosperity for all

The current financial landscape reflects the consequences of Conservative mismanagement, marked by stagnant growth post-Covid and increased debt costs due to poorly conceived financial strategies. Their delayed response to the cost-of-living crisis, coupled with unfulfilled promises of regional prosperity, highlight a disregard for the economic welfare of the UK's communities and the most disadvantaged in our society. We will build a strong, fair economy that benefits everyone in the UK, through wise investment, fair taxes, and responsible management of the public finances. Our plan prioritises sustainable growth and equitable distribution of resources, ensuring a prosperous future for all regions and nations within the UK. We will help hard pressed families with the cost of living and their energy bills by implementing a proper, one-off windfall tax on the super profits of oil and gas producers and traders.

ENVIRONMENT: A commitment to clean water

The environmental neglect by the Conservatives is starkly evident in their failure to address the issue of sewage discharges, with over one million instances recorded in the last three years, contaminating our rivers, lakes, and coastal areas for more than 7.5 million hours. This disregard for environmental protection and public health is unacceptable. Protect River Way embodies our commitment to safeguarding our natural resources and ensuring a clean, healthy environment for future generations. We pledge to implement rigorous environmental policies and enforcement measures to prevent pollution, preserve biodiversity, and promote the sustainable use of our waterways. Against the background of a doubling of stage spills in 2023, we will support banning bonuses for water company bosses until discharges and leaks end.

Dear Labour Friends, lend me your vote

The race is tight: we’re just 2% behind the Conservatives. Every vote can swing this election, bringing real progress and fairness to our community. Your support has never been more crucial!

You have the power. By lending your vote to the Liberal Democrats this time, we can ensure the Tories stay out and truly make a change. Together, we can create a fairer, more just Farnham & Bordon for everyone.

My very dear all, this is just a short message to say “hello” and to wish you a lovely weekend.

I have not forgotten your tremendous support and kindness. I am still here and will be in touch again soon.

In the meantime, my very best regards to you and your loved ones.


A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone in Farnham, Liphook, Haslemere, Bordon and all the surrounding villages for the love and support you have shown me over the past weeks and months. It has been an absolute privilege and honour to meet and speak with so many of you about a range of…


It's been an amazing day visiting polling stations around Farnham, Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere and our villages. I've been so inspired to see so many people out voting in the #GeneralElection2024.

I'll be posting photos I've taken outside the polling stations in the thread below,…


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