Khalil Yousuf for Crawley

Khalil's Five point plan for crawley

tackle the crisis in gp services

Patients experiences of GP Practices in Crawley fall far below the National average.

Increase school funding

Funding has been cut to the bone. We will increase  Teaching Assistants, reduce class sizes and challenge punishing League Tables.

Recruit more police

We will recruit two extra Police Officers in every ward in Crawley.

invest in mitigating Climate change

We will campaign to cut plastic waste and work to increase investment in electric vehicle re-charginging frastructure.

Intensive Homelessness Support

We will implement the ‘Housing First’ model for the long-term entrenched homeless in Crawley.

About khalil yousuf

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Stop Brexit and Build a Brighter Future

Khalil is successful corporate solicitor. Until recently, he was a Legal Director at a Global aviation company close to Crawley. He has a long history of supporting vulnerable people and providing legal assistance without charge.

He has negotiated extensively with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He is a board member for Global Lawyers for Refugees and has lobbied for minority rights at the Organisation for Security and co-operation in Europe.

He has offered his expertise to Water Aid, Humanity First and other organisations assisting development of water and alternative energy projects.

Khalil is a Trustee of Charity Walk for Peace which raises millions of pounds for British Charities, including the Poppy Appeal.


Policy writer



stop Brexit - buid a brighter future

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Stopping brexit

” Brexit has already cost the economy more than £1 billion a week. This is money that should have gone into our NHS, into tackling the climate emergency, into our schools. The Royal College of Nursing say £1 billion would train 24,000 nurses. “

a fairer economy

“Britain deserves a better economy.  As of July 2019 there are 14.3 million people living in poverty, including 4.6 million children. That is 22% of the UK population. That is unacceptably high for the fifth richest country in the world.”

backing our nhs

 “The NHS and social care services are in a state of crisis. Over half of GPs have said the average waiting time for non-urgent appointments at their practice is now over two weeks. The UK is lagging behind other high-income countries like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway in cancer survival.”

putting children first

 “Liberal Democrats demand better for for our children futures. We will reverse school cuts, and put well-being at the heart of every school.

caring communities

“Our communties need the investment and attention to become caring , sharing and vibrant places to live and work.”

tackling climate crisis

 “The UK should be leading the world on tackling the environment crisis. We need urgent action now to get to net zero, reverse the catastrophic loss of biodiversity, reduce toxic air and plastic pollution.”

talking liberties

“Too many people’s lives are blighted by discrimination, inequality or intrusion. We will defend the Human Rights Act, oppose any attempt to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and block any laws that unnecessarily erode civil liberties.”

beyond our shores

“The world today feels increasingly unstable and unsafe. Nationalism and authoritarianism are on the rise in countries across the globe. It has never been more important for the UK to work with its allies as a champion of freedom and opportunity. “

Better Politics

“Liberal Democrats demand better. We will give people a voice with a fairer voting system so that everyone’s vote counts equally. First Past the Post is making our country and our Parliament more divided.”

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