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Khalil Yousuf

Khalil Yousuf Parliamentary Spokesperson

Khalil is a Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Crawley.

Khalil has a record of General Election campaign success having represented

Crawley as its Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate in the 2019 General

Election. He secured 45% increase in votes in a heavily pro-Brexit constituency and the best election results for three election cycles.

Since then, Khalil has continued to support the constituency which has meant that for the first time in recent memory, in recent Council elections, Crawley stood Councillors in all wards.

He has fought for justice and fairness throughout his personal and professional life. He sees himself as a determined people’s advocate having secured successes in a number of campaigns.

Khalil has campaigned on important local issues like education, homelessness, mental and physical health, transport, community facilities, crime, climate change mitigation, fly-tipping, anti social behaviour and refuse and recycling.

Khalil also volunteers extensively in the Community.

Khalil is successful corporate solicitor. Until recently, he was a Legal Director at a Global aviation company. He now heads a specialist legal practice with an international client base.

He has a long history of supporting vulnerable people, providing legal assistance without charge. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Khalil provided 686 hours of free legal advice to British charities and members of the public.

He has negotiated extensively with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on refugee rights. Khalil is a board member for Global Lawyers for Refugees and has lobbied for minority rights at the Organisation for Security and co-operation in Europe.

He has offered his expertise to Water Aid, Humanity First and other

organisations without charge, developing clean water and alternative energy

projects in Africa.

Khalil is a Trustee of Charity Walk for Peace which raises millions of pounds for British Charities, including the Poppy Appeal.

Khalil is also a writer, publishing a number of articles in ‘I’ News and The


Khalil was Vice Chair for Policy with the Liberal Democrats in Croydon and has spoken at Conference. He was a prospective MEP candidate in the 2019

European Elections.

Khalil aspires for a stronger, more tolerant and fairer Britain. Khalil said:

“Becoming a politician is about public service. It is about making the lives of everyone no matter their differences, better and fairer. It is about uniting our country, standing up for the vulnerable and demanding better by striving to make sure Britain stands for freedom from injustice and unfairness, and is beacon of justice, tolerance and equality”.

Together, we can make that a reality.

You can ask Khalil anything by contacting him:

Email: AskKhalilAnything@gmail.com

Telephone: 07828 371 074

Twitter: @khalilyousuf

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