Welcome! I am Khalil

A dad, a husband, a lawyer and your Liberal Democrat candidate for Farnham and Bordon.

My journey to this moment is fuelled by a passion for justice, community service, and a deep-seated belief in fairness for everyone instilled in me by my own history.


Professionally, I’m a solicitor specialising in Commercial and Energy law. My work has taken me from advising on the environmental impacts of offshore wind farm developments and decommissioning to advocating for the power of large-scale solar plants. For years, my base has been the vibrant Coxbridge Business Park in Farnham, where I’ve had the pleasure of growing with our community.

My commitment to public service was ignited during my law studies and has been the cornerstone of my life ever since. Qualifying as a solicitor in 2001 was just the beginning of a journey marked by regular volunteerism aimed at helping those in dire need. Throughout the challenges of Covid19, I dedicated nearly 700 hours to providing free legal advice, standing shoulder to shoulder with our community in its time of greatest need.

My personal mission

Beyond my professional endeavours, I serve as a Trustee and Board Member for the Charity Walk for Peace and am the Chairman of Lawyers for Humanity. These roles offer me invaluable opportunities to contribute to our society’s well-being, guided by my core values of justice and community service.

In Farnham & Bordon and across the United Kingdom, we see the strength and decency of individuals from all walks of life, striving for a better future against increasing challenges. Yet, as we face these tough times together, the need for a fair deal has never been more pronounced. 

Our community is a vibrant part of this national endeavour, embodying the determination and compassion that make us great. But to truly flourish, we need a representative who understands the importance of fairness, opportunity, and support. It’s time for an MP who ensures that the hard work and integrity of our residents are met with the justice and prosperity they deserve. 


As your prospective MP, my mission is clear: to secure a fair deal for every one of us. In conversations across our constituency, the challenges you face are evident. From the soaring costs of living affecting our ability to afford essentials like food, energy, and housing to the dire state of our healthcare and education systems. The increasing unsolved burglaries and the escalating climate crisis are issues that can no longer be ignored.


I am determined to tackle these challenges head-on. With your support, we can strive towards a community where fairness is not just an ideal but a reality. Together, we can make the new constituency of Farnham and Bordon a beacon of hope, justice, and opportunity for all. Thank you for considering me as your voice. Let’s embark on this journey together, for a brighter, fairer future for Farnham and Bordon.

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